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About Global Reformed University

A Letter from the President

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Welcome to Global Reformed University!


Global Reformed University is an institution committed to excellence in theological education and solidly the Reformed Christian tradition.

It has been educating students for the past 26 years, guiding them on a path to a higher understanding of the Bible, making it useful for preaching and teaching in righteousness, so that Jesus Christ may be complete.


I am confident that at Global Reformed University, you will find that we are firmly committed to academic excellence and the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

Also, I am certain that here at Global Reformed University you will be equipped in all the areas of academics, ministry, worship, and spirituality so that you may be disciples around the world, who will continue the spread of the Gospel.


At Global Reformed University, all faculty and I seek to be faithful to our mission and look forward to supporting future ministers as they seek to respond to God’s call. Please do keep in mind that Global Reformed University is a faithful community dedicated to serving Church and Christ in the preparation of servants for Christian ministry.


I hope that you enjoy your exploration through this catalog and thank you for taking an interest in our school.

Sincerely in Christ

Dennis Didion


Our Vision  The vision of Global Reformed University is to prepare current and future pastors to go to the world and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to make people accept Jesus Christ as Lord. Therefore, the whole world can be saved, healed and set free in Jesus Christ our savior.

Statement of Faith  GRU holds firmly to the inerrancy of Scripture and to the Reformed Faith as summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechism drawn up by the 1646 Westminster Assembly as well as in the Apostle’ Creed.

Our Mission & Objectives  The Mission of Global Reformed University is to assist and educate students who love and believe the Lord Jesus Christ to acquire the knowledge and to prepare them to be faithful and effective for proclaiming the word of God that will enable them to glorify God as building up of the church, the body of Christ, in the world.


To fulfill our mission and vision, Global Reformed University has established several objectives:


To lead the students to love and serve God and other people.

To shepherd the students into a thorough and scholarly study of      the Bible as the inspired and inerrant Word of God.

To guide the students to a faithful, practical, and evangelical       

    application of the contents of the Scripture for the Christian

    and the world.

To teach the students all the areas of biblical, systematic,       

    historical, and practical theology in accordance with the Word

    of God and in accordance with the westminster Confession of

    Faith and Catechism drawn up by the 1646 Westminster


To provide the students with a curriculum based on Bible to       

    be devotional, spiritual, intellectual, and professional ministers.

To assist students to determine their personal ministry strengths and


To provide the students with appropriate classes to develop skills in

    preaching, worship, counseling, interpersonal skills, and church

    administration, supporting and assisting the future ministers in

    communicating the Gospel of Christ and carrying out their ministry.

The History of
Global Reformed University


Global Reformed University is a religious institution exempt from state regulation and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

The Virginia Department of Education approved the establishment of GRU at 4100 Hunt Road in Fairfax, and the university opened its doors in March, 2007. Washington D.C. , the state capital of the United States and global center, is home to the GRU campus, is charged with the mission of building an international bridge through the development and education of leaders, the reformation of consciousness, the integration of ethnic and national identities into academic pursuit, and the effective expansion of God's kingdom.


Following Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, the GRU will qualify as a federal income tax-exempt institution by the end of 2021.

Staff & Faculty

Meet Our Team

Dennis Didion.png

Hwang We Sang


Vice President of Foreign Corporation

Hwang, Wu Sang Ph.D.

Kim, Yongik Th.D.

Vice President

Didion, Dennis MA. D.D.


Kim Hwan Jin Ph.D.


Lim, Hak Sun D.Min.


Han, Jung Goan D.Min.

Lee, Soon Ok C.E.D.




Director of Social Education Center

Joseph Choi_edited.jpg
Judgement Heo_edited_edited.jpg
poongsam lee_edited_edited.jpg

Heo, Judgement Ph.D.


Lee, Poong Sam Th.D.


Choi, Joseph D.Min.



Park, Jong Yun D.Min.


Chang, Dong Il D.Min. 



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